How to Have a Tented Wedding

Tented weddings are the best of both worlds. You get to enjoy the outdoors, fresh air and sunset, but you're also protected in the event of rain! 

Over the years I've been fortunate enough to capture countless tented weddings
and here are some of the tips I've gathered:

Jenkins Wedding-638.jpg

2. Cold Month = Clear Tent

If you're getting married in a cooler month, you'll want your tent to serve as a sort of greenhouse. The sunlight will get caught inside and help warm it up! Don't worry, if it get's too warm on the dance floor you can always roll up the flaps for a breeze!

Darnall Wedding-558.jpg

4. Pick the Right Size

Don't kill the vibe before the party has even started! A tent that is too big for the event can make it feel cold and distant - a tent that is too small feels cramped! When you approach your tent rental company, have an accurate number of guests along with the dimensions of the area the tent will be placed in. They can handle the rest!

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1. Know Your Tents.

I'm sure throughout wedding planning you've thought to yourself at least once, "There are just too many options, I can't decide!" Well, tents are no different.

Pole Tents (these are beautiful)
Held up by poles which create peaks throughout and can be made of  many different materials, including sailcloth!
Frame Tents  
Held up by a metal structure. Don't worry, that metal structure can easily be hidden by drapery! These can be white or clear!

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3. Have a Wind Plan

Speaking of breeze... There's nothing like an unexpected gust of wind to cause a little chaos. Napkins and programs and place cards blowing everywhere. In addition to a tent with optional walls that can be rolled down, you'll want to think through all the items that will be placed on tables or out of the open. Make sure there's something adding a bit of stability! 

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6. Heat & A/C

If you're thinking about a Texas summer wedding or a winter Colorado wedding, be ready to add in some climate control! 

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