How to Look Natural at Your Engagement Session

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2. Have a drink! 

  • Seriously! Go have a margarita or glass of wine together before your session. Not only will this help loosen you up, it'll give you a little bit of fun time together to set the tone!
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4. Relax your hands.

  • It's normal to be a bit uncomfortable at first, but feeling uncomfortable can often translate into looking uncomfortable. To combat this, every now and then think, "Relax your hands." Typically our hands are the very first part of our bodies to tense up... and when our hands are in fists, our shoulders rise up - next thing you know, your whole body is stiff. So just start by relaxing your hands! Easy as that - and I promise it makes a huge difference.


1. Pick a photographer who makes you BOTH feel comfortable! 


  • I can't tell you how many times my couples (who start off as strangers to me), say something like, "Wow, we just felt like an old friend was photographing us." Not only is that a huge compliment, it's my goal! The more comfortable you are with your photographer, the more natural your interactions with each other will be!

3. Start off on a good foot.

  • Walk around a little bit! You'll see in a lot of my engagement sessions my couples spend some time walking hand in hand. Whether it's walking, spinning or maybe even running, make sure you keep moving around early on - it helps loosen the nerves and makes you less aware there's a camera right there.
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5. Notice how you naturally interact. 

  • Because I pose people for a living now, I've started to pay closer attention to my own relationship! The way we hold hands when we walk, how we sit when we're watching a movie, what we do when we're saying goodbye. If you can start noticing these things you naturally do, your engagement session will look and feel more like you. 

re-read The first tip and hire a photographer
who makes you feel comfortable!