How to Make Getting Ready FUN

Groomsmen go play Top Golf, they shoot hoops, they watch football, and then they go for a quick swim while bridesmaids... start hair and makeup at 9am.

Hannah Mayson_0181.jpg

Sometimes that's just unavoidable when you have a big bridal party and they all need hair and makeup, but sometimes it's not! Here are some ideas for how to make the wedding morning more fun for you and your bridesmaids:

  1. Group Workout. Bear with me, please! I'm the least consistent worker-outer there is, so in two recent wedding when the timeline said 'Group Workout,' I did a major eye roll. But what I found was getting up, getting moving, and laughing about who could do the least amount of crunches was actually really fun! Just make sure you have time to shower! 
    *Note: I was in these weddings, not photographing!
  2. Group Walk! Similar as above, but for people who are more my speed.
    We're girls, we pretty much all love walking and talking. It sure beats sitting on a sofa watching someone get their hair done.
  3. MUSIC. Once the hair and makeup portion of getting ready starts, make sure there is music on! Nothing kills the mood like silence. 
  4. Brunch (and Devotional). Before the chaos begins, sit down with your girls over coffee and breakfast and read a devotional. That's definitely a way to calm those nerves and set the tone for the day!
  5. Do a 'first look' with your girls! That makes it sound more formal than it is - really, just have your mom and sister or maid of honor help you get ready so you can come out and show your bridesmaids the final look. I promise it will get you all so excited for the rest of the day!