Tips for Planning your Timeline

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  1. Hair and makeup will run late, give it significant buffer time (like an hour).
    Someone won't like their hair and will want it redone, someone will need makeup touch ups, etc. It almost always runs late, which can directly effect the timeline for the rest of the day.
    • Another tip is to make sure you, your mom, and anyone else helping you put your dress on is not at the end of the Hair and Makeup lineup!
  2. Details!
    Your photographer will want to document all of the details you spent so long planning and picking out! It's best if you can pack them together so you aren't searching through the Bridal Suite looking for them. Remember little things that you might be using to decorate the reception - for example, a recent bride had a Thank You note and sprig of rosemary at each table setting. These little details can help tie everything in!
  3. Wait to put on your jewelry and shoes after you put on the dress so we can capture that as well. (Also, moms really love helping with these moments).
  4. I suggest minimizing extended family photos to one large photo per each parent's side. So: Smith Family, Smith Family + Grandparents, Entire Smith Family. As soon as you break it down to Aunt Sally and her family, then Aunt Sarah and her family, family photos will start to take a very long time. This ensures you'll have plenty of time for bride and groom portraits and won't keep your guests waiting at the reception.
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