What to Wear for Engagements

"Picking an outfit for dinner can be a challenge, how am I expected to pick an outfit for engagements photos that will be sent to all my wedding guests?" Follow some simple tips, get your girlfriend or mom to go shopping with you, and it can actually be pretty fun! Here are my tips, tricks and examples:

  1. Say no to trendy!!

    With how fast trends change, there's a chance something cute right now will be a fashion no-no by the time your wedding rolls around. Sticking to the classics ensures you won't regret your decision - and you'll still like your pictures in years to come. My mantra is, "Will this still be in style in 10 years?"

  2. Seriously, say no to trendy!

    If you're thinking, "but this trend is really cute!" wear that outfit to dinner after pictures. You'll thank in me a few years (or maybe in 6 months).

  3. Do you feel beautiful?

    This sounds cliche but is really important. Most non- models aren't automatically at ease in front of the camera. If you're wearing an outfit you're unsure of, you'll be second guessing yourself. When you put something on for engagement photos, you should look in the mirror and say, "Dang, I look good!"

  4. Avoid super bright colors and crazy patterns.

    Color is great but super bright color reflects on to your (and your finance's) face making your skin look... well, interesting. The same goes for patterns. Simple patterns (plaid flannel, stripes, florals) are great, really tiny or busy patterns end up looking pixel-y.

  5. Flowy is best.

    Regardless of your figure, flowy materials are going to compliment you most. Whether thats a long flowy dress, a flowy skirt, or a flowy shirt with jeans... the movement of the material will enhance the photos by creating motion.

  6. Keep hair and makeup natural.

    I'm all for getting you hair and makeup done for engagements - but make sure to keep it natural! These will be taken during the day, typically in an outdoor setting, so a smokey eye or updo will seem very out of place. Stick to hair do's and makeup that feel like 'you.'

Bonus: Here is a link to my Pinterest for engagement outfits - I'm consistently updating it, so you may even find things currently in stores!